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BRIDGING GAPS is independent from any political, religious, ideological or corporate affiliation

Who we are


BRIDGING GAPS is a not-for profit society registered under the Hong Kong Society Ordinance. We are independent from any political, religious, ideological or corporate affiliation – we do however enroll the support of clearly identifiable stakeholders in the organization of our activities.


BRIDGING GAPS consists of individuals dedicated to the promotion and advancement of intercultural, interfaith and inter-ethnic dialogue, through the organization of public events, conferences, public seminars, educational outreach activities, skill development programs and media productions.



Executive Committe

Uzma Ashraf

Uzma Ashraf is a co-founder at Bridging Gaps, a visiting scholar at Georgetown University Law Center and a senior researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, where she is also completing her Doctorate in International Financial Law & Post-crisis Regulatory Reforms. Since 2002, she has worked in the public sector, with multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong. Prior to starting her academic career in 2010, Uzma qualified the civil services exam of Pakistan. She holds an LLM and two postgraduate degrees in International Relations & Management.


Simone Raudino

Simone Raudino is a co-founder at Bridging Gaps and the founder of Gap Consultants, a Hong Kong-based business consultancy company exploring alternative ways of promoting economic and social growth in low-income countries. Since 2005 he has alternated work for governmental organizations – United Nations, Democratic Party (United States) and the European Union – to entrepreneurial and academic activities. Simone holds degrees in International Relations, Economics and Psychology from Universities in Europe, Africa and Asia, including a Doctorate in International Political Economy from the University of Hong Kong.


Erick Komolo

Erick Komolo is the founder and director of Uwezo Pamoja Trust (Kenya) and has been involved in social entrepreneurship and promotion of human rights in Africa. He writes regularly in the African media across these themes and contemporary issues affecting Africa, especially Sino-Africa relations. Erick read law in Kenya and the United Kingdom and is currently completing his Doctorate in Law at the University of Hong Kong. When not immersed in research and his role as trustee, Erick loves reading and tries some running along the slopes of Hong Kong.


Board of Advisors

Princess India of Afghanistan
Professor Daniel Chua
Ambassador Hussain Haqquani
Mr Michael Kugelman
Professor C. F. Lee
Ms Katherine Marshall
Ms Sarah Peck
Rabbi David Rosen
Ambassador Tembi Tambo
Professor Graham Ward
Ms Kate Weisman