Sandra Ceciarini

All our events are informed by the principles of impartiality, mutual respect, cooperation and intellectual honesty.

What we do


BRIDGING GAPS promotes inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogue on original subjects – topics that are often considered taboo across various cultures and left unaddressed in public debates.


To ‘bridge the gap‘ between academic research, policy making and social outreach activities, BRIDGING GAPS organizes public & academic events to discuss issues important to multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies.


All our events are informed by the principles of impartiality, mutual respect, cooperation and intellectual honesty.


BRIDGING GAPS brings a number of innovative elements to the landscape of international initiatives promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue. In particular:


An original mix of theoretical and pragmatic engagement: Academic debate is coupled with social outreach activities. We enroll the participation of cultural, social and religious leaders with civil society and the public at large, in the conviction that multiculturalism and religion are too important to be left to professors, politicians or clerics alone;


Intercultural dialogue in East Asia: nestled between a censored China, a largely authoritarian South- East Asia and a culturally intransigent Central Asia, Hong Kong is among the few places in the space between India and Australia where intercultural and interfaith dialogue can happen in an open, fertile, neutral and secure environment;


Heterogeneous network of participants: the collaborators, partners and participants to our events come from different professional path, including government, churches, academia, business and civil society.